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Dan Barbatti in his clown costume

Welcome to my main site page! This is just a jumping off point that will take you to my various sites I have created. Please use the menu bar to navigate the sites.

A Few General Statements

My name is Daniel Barbatti ( Dan Barbatti ) and I live in St. Louis, Missouri. My hobbies are many and I expect to develop sites to help me explore most of them. My Main motivation at the moment for creating these pages it so explore web page development. Check in frequently to see more content as it is added. Email me if have any questions or comments on any of the techniques I am experimenting with. I am currently attending classes at University of Missouri St. Louis continuing education. I now have a certification in "Web Page Design" and am working on a certification in "Web Scripting and Interactivity".

Currently (As of late 2015) I have shifted my focus to cloud implementation and tooling. I am a tools guru at the Tech Mahindra Company and look forward to the new challenges. Check out my LinkedIn site for details!

Have a Blessed Day all !

Here is a link to my brand yourself page: http://danbarbatti.com/

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My water garden work:

My work in Information Technology:

  • MXG Chapter 99 - CODE SHARKS
    A site where I was given credit for coding enhancements I provided to the MXG product. It was a significant achievement to be a contributor.

My certication and study of Tai Chi :

My work for charity: